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Another Roto Duc Ride

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Same as before, no twisties with pleasant music in the background, just a ride I had to do going to my sister's house to set up her husband's computer. Friggin task took 5 hours, not including travel.[one hour each way].

Anyway, this is just a ride from Fremont, California, back to my home in San Francisco. It's on the freeways, across the San Francisco Bay Bridge, etc. See satellite view below for route. Note: Fremont is a flat, boring, hick town, about 200k population, I think. Sorry if you are from Fremont. If you are, take the pain [and move].

Nothing remarkable, even though I went back the longer way home, which was a bit more scenic, if there is such a thing on the freeways. But it has the Duc sound we all love to hear. So, you can go on a ride by looking at this video, when the weather precludes your riding the real thing.

Also, you can use this as a training film. How to ride defensively, speed double the speed limits, split lanes, bully your way around cars, etc.:p

The video is 20 minutes. As usual, two sizes of files for you.

Members with smaller members, download the smaller file. Larger membered members download the larger file.:D Tip: the smaller file is not that good at all, same as what hens would say.

As some of you know, this is video from my helmet cam. I transferred the tape to a DVD recorder and from there to the PC with a DVD to WMV format converter software. The file from the DVD conversion was 683MB for a 58 minute video. So compressing from 683MB to 20MB explains the degradation of the video.

Oh, sound does not degrade with compression, at least not much, so the audio is fine. Crank it up with full bass and put your feet on the sub woofer. The vibration will feel as though you are on the bike :cool:



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zooom said:
what?....no wheelies or stoppies?...LAME
Instead of criticising my lack of stoppies, why don't you just re-post that video you made last year, where you were doing stoppies. It is most impressive.

I have it here, so you don't have to do it. [I found it in the old Duc-MS postings].

No charge.

level7 said:
I wish it was a more clear.... I like seeing other places and seeing it from a biker's perspective is alot more fun.
Can't do it because the file size would be huge. The original PC file is almost 700MB.
level7 said:
I wish it was a more clear.... I like seeing other places and seeing it from a biker's perspective is alot more fun.
Your post motivated me to try different compression techniques to see if I could make it more clear [in case it was my editing causing the lack of clarity].

I think part of the problem may be the lens [not a "fast" lens?] and that the sun was going down, so in shade and the dark, it's not going to be that clear.

Remember, the helmet cam only cost $160. That's definitely not high end.

This weekend making the same trip [Mother's Day], so I will try tinkering with the settings. And I will try some other PC tricks. Stay tuned.
level7 said:
Please don't go to any trouble on my account...I've never travelled on that side of the country before so it was a real treat seeing what you see.
No trouble at all. Permit me to use this posting for tips on video.

Part of a new net venture I am dealing with includes posting of video. Truth be told, but some members know anyway, is that I am using Duc-MS members as guinea pigs and also using the postings here to practice my video technique.

So your comments about clarity were welcome because that motivated me to check the settings of my cam and lens, the various ways to capture video, and methods to convert video for online posting.

For example, below is a video taken with a little Canon SD500 digital camera, on movie mode. On video mode it puts the "film" on to SD chips instead of tape, as one does on a camcorder. The 2 minute video was 197 MB on the camera and I compressed it to 7MB WMV format for posting here. As you can see, it is very clear.

I also have attached the same video at 25MB. Notice it's larger and of better quality than the 7MB. But 30MB for two minutes is impractical for posting on the net.

Nevertheless, in the end, we will probably not use digital video tape as I am pretty sure the little digital camera does a better job. Agree?

The only reason I use a camcorder on the bike is because the digital camera on video mode has a 14 minute capacity. And a 14 min. video on the digital camera takes 1.8 GB of space onthe little 2GB SD chip [video setting on camera set to larger size and best resolution]. In contrast, the camcorder has a one hour capacity.


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Duc4S said:
Hey Roto -

First - Nice vid! For the most part too much like commuter traffic on the Garden State Parkway.

Second - In the early part of the ride, you mentioned you were doing an indicated 98. . .you weren't passing traffic that quickly. Was that traffic moving that fast? Not that it would surprise me. .

Third - When are you going ot dip into the vast RotoFortune and upgrade your cam? I am assuming you are getting some positive action on your PayPal account. .

I will await patiently for the mountain ride I know you will produce :D

To your second... yes, traffic moves fast on most California freeways. When in a car I do about 70 and think I am going way fast, yet everyone around me is passing me big time. I end up having to get in the middle lane. How embarrassing. Anyway, near as I can tell, most people in that shot were doing about 80-85. There was one SUV who kept up with me, to the point he was annoying. I was not going to race. And that my speed was on average about 80-85, not 98-100, which was just a few dashes.

To your third... I just got the friggin cam and you want me to upgrade :( :eek: :eek: Screw that. :mad:

Besides, I think that unless I go to the next level [$1500++], I cannot do much to improve the pic.

Also, as to the fortune.... did I miss your payment being made? If so, please resend it. Thanks in advance for your patronage.

As to quality, like I said earlier, I think the sun going down and speed contribute to lack of clarity. It could be the tech, such as using the camcorder over the newer digital equipment [e.g., the recordings made with the digital camera on video mode].

But, I also note that when I hook up the camcorder directly to the TV, the picture is sharp and clear. So I suspect I am doing something wrong when transferring it to the PC and compressing the video. Or it all may just be the way it goes because I have to compress to get it to a size suitable for posting on the Net [I note that most video on the Net is not even close to DVD quality. Microsoft has some high definition "HD" samples at it's site, which look great. But note that for each one hour of video the size is 11GB. Yes, that is gigabyte].

Their samples are ridiculous, e.g., 2 minute sample = 135 MB! As a treat, here is a video I made, from a sample on MS. The file is 1 minute, 30 seconds and is HD quality reduced down to a manageable size for posting here. I suspect the cameras used for the shoot were thousands of dollars, but the video editing was left to a minimum in terms of compression. My edit took away that quality for posting here, but it's still better than my helmet cam stuff.


If I transfer the videotape directly to a DVD, without compressing it, it's pretty clear and sharp. But the file is 2GB and is unworkable in terms of size.

Like I said before, this is all an experiment and training in video technique, so your comments are welcome as they make me think of issues and to look for ways to improve my online postings.

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level7 said:
Hey was that island Alcatraz?

Can you take a ride on a cable car next? :)

How about the Farallone Islands after that and get some footage of some Great White Sharks. If you can get some underwater movies, that would be fabulous.

I can take a virtual vacation!

I am flattered that you like my movies, so much so permit me to get started on posting some additional ones.

Here is one virtual tour made just for you. It's of Alcatraz since you liked the brief view of it in the other video,


level7 said:
How do I know that was really Alcatraz? :) It could have been your backyard. Next time, try a tri-pod...:)
Dear Level7,

Your subscription is the "I Have A Little Member" package.

Please read your terms of service. Your "memberette" tour package does NOT include tech support, nor the right to ask any questions or make suggestions.


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jabandsnort said:
You should've taken Niles Canyon Road
Unfortunately, like I said on the tape, I was in a hurry to get home before dark.

Moreover, I don't know that area well, but one time I think I did take Niles Canyon road by accident. It was very nice, did not seem like there were big cities over the hills.
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