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Hi everyone,

I bought my 2012 MTS ST a month ago and love the bike! I live in switzerland but the MTS in Germany, thus getting a 25% lower price than in Switzerland :).

Moreover I do have to say I have the best wife ever as she has allowed me (you know this how it works for us married guys) to buy it even though we have a 6 month old baby. The only thing she asked in return was not to leave her alone with the baby on weekends... She wants to go riding too! :)

Anyway, the bike is all I wished for, unless for the turbulence / noise issue. The turbulence I have managed to solve thanks to Aztec spacers. The noise is stilll there but I think the hiss flaps / winglets from Captain Plummet will solve it. Here's to hoping... :)

After 10 years of not riding (had an accident due to a lady in a cager that was searching for a parking place, in a one way street, and decided to turn without looking...), it feels great to ride ib the Alps..

Cheers and enjoy the Multi!

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