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Another clutch fit question

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Sorry if I am repeating but I searched and couldn't quite find my answer. I got a SpeedyMoto pressure plate and new aluminum spring keepers but I still have the stock (I think) clutch cover. The clearance is very close in a couple spots and I am afraid the keepers will rub when I fire the bike up. A couple of the previous ones had some wear. I know I could put some spacers behind the cdlutch cover but I have a feeling that even .5mm would look terrible. Thoughts?

I want a fresh aftermarket clutch cover but I have only seen a few that I like and they are pricey. I'll entertain offers on any extra clutch cover that you might have laying around.
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It is very close. That's normal. Make sure that you still have the brass spacers in the gasket that fit between the cover and the casing. It will look very close but as long as it actually doesn't touch you'll be okay. Remember, the spring keepers do not move out with the pressure plate, but stay put in the position they are screwed to the hub. The pressure plate moves out and in with the compression of the springs.
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