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Angeles Crest Ride sunday may 7

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so far ive got a couple people on board we can all meet up at the starbucks on beach infront of Medieval times at 8 lets go! supposed to be a good day for a ride... for the ones living in L.A. meet us at the top of the mountain by newcombs ranch! what say you?
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I'm on board


You are always meeting in out of the way places, but I suppppppossssse I could make it, besides, I need to get the wheels in motion cause I am picking up my new 999 on Saturday. I need to get 600 miles on the bike ASAP so I can have the exhaust and the PCIII put on and then have it dyno tuned. Besides, the GF (aka almost wife) is out of town, so count me in!!! We'll talk later about details.
Sweet picts....Had a great time. Hopefully we can get more people out next time!!! By the way....don't forget me getting rolled for no plate with the new bike.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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