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What's up all,

Story time and photos ahead (disclaimer my girlfriend is the one on the bike in a few of the photos, and to answer your question, yes she does look better on it than me).... my motorcycle story begins four years ago with an overzealous post-grad and a matte black monster 696. It was a fanastic first bike, and to this day remains one of my favorites I've ever ridden... I think we can all relate to the sentiment that you never truly forget your 'first'.

Like many other's before me I reached a point where I felt it was time to move on to a more powerful and premium bike. The first time I saw the Ducati Streetfighter was in 2013, years before I'd ever throw a leg over a duc. It was my favorite bike in the lineup and I'd spend evenings consuming every review, photo and video I could. Naturally, when the time came for me to upgrade from the 696 the search began for a fighter I could call my own. I landed on a 2014 848 decked out in akrapovic and rizoma courtesy of the equally smitten previous owner.

This bike was an entirely different animal than the monster I had known and tamed. The Streetfighter was more focused, more firm, more... premium. The engine begged to be pushed to it's limits. Faster, brake later, turn in harder. It was a bike that nullified the city streets that had once comprised of my old playground. I found myself longing to get as far away from the city as I could, dreaming of a medley of open sweepers and endless straights. The love affair with this bike runs deep... and whether it be a 1098S or an 848, I'm sure it pulls at the heart strings of everyone on this forum. This is a forever bike. The bike that comes to mind when I think of "My Ducati".

Lately, however, I found myself missing the playful charm and city ergonomics that went hand in hand with the air cooled monster platform. That, paired with my girlfriend's pleas for a bike with a passenger seat again (my fighter is only equipped for one), I began to search for another bike that offered a similar experience. I almost bought an R9T... almost. This would mark the third time I've nearly purchased this bike. Before my first 696 I was close to landing on the beemer, I thought about it again before ending up with my SF. So I had to go through my bike buying tradition of almost getting the modern homage to bavarian classics before being coaxed out of the purchase by yet another Italian mistress.

I didn't have a choice really. A random cycletrader search revealed a beautiful red head lined with gold. An 1100 evo anniversary edition (#13/200) popped up not 200 miles from DC and I knew it was exactly what I was looking for. I've heard many a Ducatista relay the mantra "A Ducati is supposed to be red". While I haven't always agreed with that... have you seen the Streetfighter in yellow?... THIS Ducati was most certainly meant to be red. The red tank and brushed anodized gold frame was simply perfection between two Pirelli's. I made an offer that day and awoke early this past friday morning to make the trek up to bring her home.

The bike instantly felt like home, like putting on a perfectly worn pair of leather gloves. Your knees lock in on the tank, and the cafe style bars make directional changes and diving into corners a breeze. The snorts and crackles that are all too unmistakably air-cooled Ducati brought me back to my early days of riding. There is a beauty in the simplicity of air-cooled machines. I'm less than 36 hours into this new ride and I already can tell it's going to be a good one. You can never have too many bikes, right? Well I know for certain I'll be having at the very least these two for the entire ride.

More pictures to come. Feel free to share your Ducati stories as well, would love to hear them!


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