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AMA superbike spoiler (CA speedway)

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man, is it just me or do these makeshift tracks suck!!! its gotta be one of the main reasons (other being fuel) ducati is not finishing on the podium. All of these stop and go tracks are pathetic. I am surprised that the AMA announcers on speed tv don't even acknowledge these facts during the race.

I just can't see how they finish on the podium in WSBK, and not even competetive on the AMA tracks.

Race 1:
1. Ben Spies (Suz GSX-R1000), 28 laps
2. Mat Mladin (Suz GSX-R1000), -6.973 seconds
3. Jake Zemke (Hon CBR1000RR), -11.193 seconds
4. Aaron Yates (Suz GSX-R1000), -19.793 seconds
5. Neil Hodgson (Duc 999F06), -20.806 seconds
6. Miguel Duhamel (Hon CBR1000RR), -22.751 seconds
7. Ben Bostrom (Duc 999F06), -23.355 seconds
8. Tommy Hayden (Kaw ZX-10R), -29.305 seconds
9. Jason Pridmore (Suz GSX-R1000), -51.759 seconds
10. Larry Pegram (Hon CBR1000RR), -51.800 seconds

Race 2:
1. Ben Spies (Suz GSX-R1000), 28 laps
2. Mat Mladin (Suz GSX-R1000), -4.489 seconds
3. Jake Zemke (Hon CBR1000RR), -21.943 seconds
4. Miguel Duhamel (Hon CBR1000RR), -25.850 seconds
5. Neil Hodgson (Duc 999R), -25.995 seconds
6. Tommy Hayden (Kaw ZX-10R), -26.264 seconds
7. Ben Bostrom (Duc 999R), -46.374 seconds
8. Aaron Yates (Suz GSX-R1000), -47.548 seconds
9. Jason Pridmore (Suz GSX-R1000), -52.201 seconds
10. Larry Pegram (Hon CBR1000RR), -70.527 seconds

Point Standings
1. Spies, 182 points
2. Mladin, 163 points
3. Duhamel, 140 points
4. Hodgson, 130 points
5. Yates, 126 points
6. Tommy Hayden, 124 points
7. Ben Bostrom, 119 points
8. Zemke, 110 points
9. Pridmore, 108 points
10. Pegram, 73 points
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Spies really looked good. I am glad to see anyone on other than Mladin win. as far as Ducati goes I really can figure the problem out either. We have talked about fuels, tires, and lack of factory support. I would think that these type of more technical tracks would actually favor the Ducatis. I know the had a better showing today then what they did at Dayton. Whether Ducati does well or not I like to watch the tighter tracks more anyway. all that said Hodson is not do bad in the over all scheme of things.
Hodgson should go back to WSBK or even BSBK. Your right, AMA tracks look like dogtracks.
I watched the race last week at Barber and after a restart late in the race(8 laps to go I think) Mladin caught up (from last position) and passed the ducs like a rocket. He nearly got second. Hodgsen and Bostrom looked smooth and they were the only bikes worth listening to but they must have been way down on the others in power. Now why is that?
What happened to Eric B? He won the big one at laguna. Where did he go?
Yamaha, who is not in Superbike - yet. Sucks, don't it? There's three riders who could mix it up in Superbike - Jamie Hacking, Jason DiSalvo and Eric Bostrom. I really hope Yamaha gets back into Superbike next year.
Well, the tracks may suck, but they suck for everyone. Ducati is just not getting it done, bottom line. Whatever the reaon(s), it's terrible to watch top shelf riders struggle like that. It seems as though by the time Ducati figure out how to compete with the current I-4 they probably will have moved the bar up even further.
I understand the tracks suck for everyone, but these short stop and go tracks will always favor I4. It seems there are to many tracks with a single line through them (don't seem very wide compared to WSBK tracks), and certainly not enough medium/fast corners either... Man I hope the new Miller Motorsports track is more like a WSBK track...

AMA should also make a new rule that states if the track consists of hay bails and orange cones, its a go-kart track not a superbike track!!!!
Well, we all know the tracks suck. Unfortunately, that will NOT change until our country takes the sport seriously(I won't hold my breath anytime soon.)

While watching the races though, I thought to myself, "SELF", why doesn't the AMA take a look at other racing sports in the USA that work? I hate to say it, but NASCAR might have something of an idea.(BTW, I HATE NASCAR!)

Ducati wants to up the CC's to 1200cc to compete with the I-4 bikes. Rather than try to reinvent the wheel and spend millions of R&D dollars, cap the power output to say 210 rwhp. It puts everyone on the same playing field, including privateers that now can get outside sponsorship to help. This would keep the manufacturers out of the pits and make all teams fend for themselves. No more overpowering bikes, plus they would consentrate their efforts on tires, chasis and suspension, not to mention reliability.

Besides, they're complaining that the power is too much for the crappy tracks that they run on now. Until they fix the track issue, wouldn't this be a reasonable solution?

Ducati is putting about 194ish hp at the rear wheel, 200ish hp in BSB, WSBK, so I'm sure they can compete on that level, and it keeps it fun to watch so teams don't pull out because of offsetting issues.

It's done in other sanctioned events, why not proracing? Is it political(the big 4 don't want competition in AMA?), or are the AMA racing board so stupid, they can't see the obvious?

Not to change the subject or hijack the thread.

Brian C.
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You man excellent points... I think the AMA board is pretty ignorant... I think if WSBK allows 1200cc (as I think they should for the better of the entire sport) next year or the year after, AMA should/would follow. But If the WSBK does not allow 1200cc twins, then AMA will probably not allow either.

You would think the AMA would want a more competative series with different manufactures, but I guess its just to political...
I've resorted to watching the highlights on Two Wheel Tuesday. The AMA races are not even worth watching IMO.

Neil and Ben deserve better.

Glad to see Spies beating Matt. Tired of hearing how great he is. He may be good but I think Neil or Ben would match him given the same bike.
Did anyone hear when the guys calling the race mentioned the top speed of all of the Superbikes running. The Ducati had the top speed of 177mph, and with a draft 184mph. Interesting to note that the bike with the lowest amount of power was the fastest bike on the"straight" (if you want to call it that). The Honda was second at 175mph, and with draft, 177mph.

Might say something about the tracks and how they're designed. If only the Duc was able to run better fuel (Hurry up Shell!).

Brian C.
On a lucky night, I was able to speak to Ben Bostrom, who told me that they badly needed a lighter flywheel that would help the Duc's acceleration in the stop/go type AMA tracks. This would give them a better competitive edge in the series... while these lighter flywheels are allowed in WSBK, they are forbidden in AMA.

Hopefully, the AMA would consider allowing this for the V-Twins... that is, if they really want to bring a whole new level of excitement into the competition.
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