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AMA Superbike - Daytona

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HODGSON REPRESENTING. Hodgson starts on 2nd row of the 2006 AMA Superbike Kick-off, Daytona

From the AMA Superbike site:

March 09, 2006

Chris Martin

Parts Unlimited Ducati’s Neil Hodgson is carrying high hopes into the ’06 season with his learning year now behind him. The former World Superbike king will start the first race of his sophomore campaign from the second row after qualifying his 999F06 in sixth with a lap of 1:38.398 around the DIS high banks.
Hodgson said of his session, “It was mixed really. I was sort of always in the top four throughout the whole session and then literally in the last two laps I got put back to sixth, which was annoying. I put a soft tire on at the end, but I just didn’t make the most of it. I was pretty annoyed at myself because I rode really safe. If you ride safe there’s no point sitting here complaining about not being on the front row. In this sport you’ve just got to ride hard.”

However, the Briton expects to fare better come raceday. “I think I’m looking good, definitely for a top-four finish. To be totally honest, if I got on the podium I’d be happy here. For the first race of the year, to get on the podium would be a good start. But don’t get me wrong -- I want to win.”

At Daytona there’s always a chance of a huge drafting war breaking out, especially now that the Superbikes take part in a sprint race instead of the 200-miler and the field is enjoying renewed depth. That would be a welcome outcome to Hodgson. “I’m looking forward to that. Some of my best races have always been big drafting races. That’s what racing is all about -- tactical as well. It would be really exciting. Whatever happens I hope it’s a dice. It would be really, really boring if Mat were to break away. I so hope that doesn’t happen. I think if he doesn’t break away in the first three or four laps, we’ve all got a chance of hanging on. The Hayden brothers, both Hondas, all Suzukis, and all the Ducatis could be in a big ole battle. That would be great for the sport.”

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Ben Bostrom: 3rd fastest in Practice...

Not a bad start ... the man to watch on the Duc, and hungry for the good old times ... Let's go Ben!!!

(It's nice to see that number 155 on the new Duc ... feels like the FUTURE :D )


*****Update on Mladin******


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