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I'm working on getting my S2R's ergos dialed in. My dilemma is that I like the more swept back position of clip ons (it reduces issues I have with tendinitis in my right elbow) but I'm not fond of the forward leaned position, especially when using my bike to commute. I first tried Rizoma bars with more sweep than the stock bars but they don't really do it for me. I'm currently running 3.5" riser clip ons but even with the rise they're still a bit too forward and low for me.

I had a VFR before the Monster and really liked the bars they use which are a very similar setup to what Ducati uses on the ST bikes. I found out the ST has the same triple clamp sizing as the Monster and that Ducati even offered a conversion parts kit for it so I decided to source some used ST bars and clamp to try it out.

My problem now is how to mount the gauges since they use the OEM triple as their mount. It looks like the OEM kit bars have an extra threaded hole in them to mount the gauges to. My chances of finding them are probably close to zero so I'm looking for an alternative bolt in method that might work. I want to avoid modifying the original bracket and I don't have the ability to weld anything up so I'm going to have to get creative. Do you guys have any suggestions? Below is a pic of what I'm working with as well as a picture of the OEM parts kit I was able to find in an old DP pdf catalog.

My first thought was to try and source some hardware similar to what bar ends use where you have a metal sleeve that expands as you tighten the bolt that fits through it.

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