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I wanted to connect my Zumo 595LM to the GPS "presetting cable" located front left under the body work so the Zumo powers up and down with the bike but did not want to chop up the long cable with the pigtails for sound and USB in the event that I wanted to use these features in the future. The cables that come with the Zumo are designed to be fed back to the battery with the sound sockets sticking out somewhere in the middle of the bike.

I wound the mass of cables into a coil, bound by two zip ties, and was able to fit it neatly into the front left cover over the front left headlamp. It's a tight fit so the coil of wiring is not going anywhere. The USB extension is in front of the shocks and fastened to the right handle bar cable group.
Note that the Zumo cradle's bolts match those of the Ducati GPS bracket but are 90 degrees out so I had to make two small mini brackets to align the cradle properly.

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