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Hi guys,

At the moment I'm investigating linear rockers on the superbikes.

As far as I can see the 1098 series benefits most from a linear rocker. The 996 and 999 rockers seem to be less progressive than, but still benefit from the unobtainable 749R link.

As far as I can see the main difference between the progressive rocker and the linear is the the almost equal lenght between the two sides of the rocker. That brings me to the real question in this topic. I was browsing ebay and I noticed the rocker of a hypermotard 1100 (same as air cooled multistrada) and that one looks very linear. Has anybody tried some mix and match with rockers?

Anybody has some dimensions of the hyper rocker? Would be great if we can get those mounted in our superbikes since these rockers appear on ebay for next to nothing.

Gr. Michel
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