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I have a 2002 Ducati 998... saw the cool looking Chinese fairings on Ebay and knowing that the 916, and 996 fairings don't fit a 998 I contacted the chinese seller.

Me: "FYI... the fairings for the 916 and 996 do not fit the 998, do you have these fairings in a style that will fit the 998?"

Reply: "Oh yes, me send you the 998 fitment."

Me: "what about the tail fairing, does it already have the mounting hardware for the tail light and seat lock mechanism?"

Reply: "Oh yes, fairings good to go, mount right up"

So I get the fairings in...

First off, I didn't expect much for the price.

The paint isn't perfect, but liveable, some flaws here and there and some run marks at the bottom of the panels.

The plastic itself is funny... it's literally like they have a copy machine for plastic panels because it's not exactly right, a copy of a copy.

The mounting holes are too big so I had to use small black washers to keep the stock Ducati fairing connectors from going through the holes.

The edges are all curved in too much and need to be trimmed back to fit, especially at the front edge of the side fairings where they curve back into the radiator, I had to trim the plastic back quite a bit so that the fairing would push back far enough for the mounting holes to match with the holes on the nose fairings.

The nose fairing was way off... in fact it snapped were the plastic connects the top of the fairing to the bottom, right next to the right hand headlight if you're looking at it from the front. A perfect straight line break all the way across. I have an e-mail in to the seller to see if he makes good on it or not.

The nose fairing also requires a fair amount of trimming around the headlight cut-outs so that it fits over the headlights, hence why mine broke, it was a hair to tight and when I pushed it in so that the mirror holes would line up...SNAP!

The plastic quality is more brittle than the stock plastic, not as flexible, and its actually thicker in some areas, especially around where the zeus fasteners fit which makes it a pain to get the zeus fasteners to grab and engage.

Side fairings... regardless of what they say, there is no 998 fitment, they just put 998 stickers on the fairings and call it 998 fitment. The side fairings are normal 916 / 996 fairings and to get them to fit I had to remove and relocate the coil packs (which I knew would need to be done if they were 916 / 996 fairings) but for me it was more of a pain because my bike has digital HID's and I had to relocate the ballasts too... SO NO THEY DON'T HAVE FAIRINGS THAT FIT A 998.

Tail fairing... front holes for the hindge bracket didn't line up at all, had to elongate the holes to get the brack to fit. The seat holes were to skinny where the side screws are supposed to go thru, had to widen those. The holes at the back of the seat were in the wrong location (916 / and 996 may have different mounting holes?) so I had to drill out the proper holes. The large hole were the seat actually fits was too small, the rubber feet on the bottom of the seat wouldn't fit through the hole so I had to enlarge the hole.

There were no mounting nuts for the tail-light nor for the seat lock mechanism. I had to Epoxy some nuts so that I could mount the tail light and seat lock gizmo.

And last but not least, but probably the funniest...

The tail section has written on it... "DUCATI CORSE SPEOAL EDITION"

not kidding! So I'll buy some other decals to fit over that "Chinese"

So don't buy these thinking they just "Mount right up"....uh yeah, NO!

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Sounds like my most recent experience from my ebay 250$ deal. I made it work but will be looking for some better quality ones after next year. Something that cost a little more money but also claims perfect fit. May be unsatisfied again but I know there are replica fairing places that make a good product. My old 600RR had some I ordered from Auctmarts in China and they were dang near factory quality...can't find them anymore though :(

Here is what I'm thinking next year anyone have them?

2012 Ducati 848 Motogp Replica Rossi Fairing Set Injection Molded

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Why I don't have direct exp with the full fairings I have bought a few CF bits from nice cycle and they look pretty good.
There was a review in one of the cycle mags in the last few months on nicecycle.com fairings and it was favorable.
Might want to check them out. Kits are $900 painted
Ducati 748 Fairing, 748 Fairing, 748 Fairings | NiceCycle
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