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I received a message from a friend who has been going to this every year:



Here you go: For five dollars and a carload of fun you can see some real Italian Cars and Motorcycles. In the past they have not asked for entry fee for any Italian vehicles. It has been free to us, but donations are always acceptable, I pre-registered for $5.00. Date is 7 Oct 2007. I know it’s going to be hard on your schedule but please give it a try and go early.

I would like to propose that we meet at MotoWheels ready to go at 7:30 AM I should take just a little over 1 ½ hours to get there in what should be very light traffic on a fine sunny morning. Weather is expected to be good but a little chilly in the morning. This gets us to Alameda before 10AM and a good time to get more coffee and donuts.

We might want to stop just in Hercules off I-80. This is just a little beyond half waypoint. I thought we could pick up some gas at the Shell Station there or a little coffee at the Starbucks. I have enough gas to make it to Alameda but coming back there are very few gas stations in Oakland and Richmond. So a little top off of gas would get us beyond these points on the way back.

Take Rt 50 to I-80 stay to the center when going into the 80/580/880 interchange near Oakland and take the I-880 through Oakland to High Street. High Street is near the Oakland Coliseum. Then get off I-880 at High Street (west- only way) to Fernside Street and make a left at the light. Be careful this light comes up quickly after you pass over the bridge into Alameda. Follow the street around and go down several blocks. You should see all the cars and just turn left into the Lincoln School yard and pull up to the “stop here” person. Park were directed.

Have a good time, there are all good people here willing to show and discuss there cars or motorcycles with you. About 10AM the Vespa groups show up and it is always a great show watch them pull in. Breakfast is coffee, milk, donuts and sweet rolls. Lunch is Italian Sausage, real Italian Sausage. T-shits for sale, that’s how the school makes it money.

Most important – if 7:30 does not meet your schedule please fill free to met us there. Show ends in the afternoon. Reminder it is cars or bikes. In any case it would be a nice ride on a fine Sunday morning…… I will bring maps and entry forms if needed.

All Italian Car and Motorcycle Show >>>> http://www.doudna.com/aid/aid2007.html

Rich Whittinghill


Let me know if you might be interested in going by car or motorcycle.
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