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I had some cheap Ebay levers that wouldn't activate the clutch switch and I figured it was the lever. I just installed the CNC Racing lever and same thing happens. With the cable installed and the lever in place I can pull it and it rocks enough to engage the switch. When I put the bolt/pin in to secure it, it no longer rocks enough to hit the switch. I took out the switch to look at it and it has 2 molded plastic pins that sit in holes in the housing. There are 2 different locations and it's in the most forward ones so can't move it closer to the lever. I need the lever to have a longer head to hit the switch or the switch to move closer to the lever. Short of "shorting" the switch that I have seen described in other threads, does anyone have any suggestions? Maybe JB Weld and a small washer on the lever? Seems Micky Mouse but should work. I'll try to take some pics tomorrow night.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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