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Hi ~ guys I recently replaced my chain with DID 525EVR , and I thought

it would be a good time to work on the sprockets as well. I felt it could be

a good idea to share it with other 999 riders. Probably many people already

has this kind of setups.

So here is how I felt after the replacing the both front and rear to 14T / 38T .

I putted on 80 highway miles after replacing them .

ITS FAST ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

When I say fast, fast in a controllable range. Gear change comes fast

but from 1st to 4th gear , the bike feels just like getting pulled by some

sort of invisible force in the front. No matter which gear you are in

as soon as you open up the throttle , you get a instant response !!!

I was little worried , that it might be

too rough to control the bike after the 14/38 set up , But I was totally

wrong!!! I feel so glad that I replaced my stock sprockets ~!!

Acceleration feels just so great all the way up to 100mph !!! Even in 6th

gear you still get the acceleration when compared to stock 6th gear ratio.

However like many of you would know, you loose quite a bit of Top speed.

Which wasn't really a problem to me. Since I do not ride at the track.

So if you dont care about loosing the top end speed , dont hesitate when

considering sprocket change. You will appreciate the feel.

Since 999 already has quite a bit of weight , I think it suits better with

14/38T set up~ I cant imagine what it will be like on 1098 or 1198 ~
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