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Obviously, you can customize all the mode settings. When you start tweaking the mode settings you will get a lot more out of the bike. I generally use touring mode but setup “rider”, “rider+ luggage”, “rider and passenger” and “rider + passenger + luggage” sub menus differently for different road conditions although I seldom carry a passenger or luggage. There is a small twisty “deformed” back road loaded with potholes I ride on all the time, not quite as bad as lost coast. I would recommend starting with Touring mode, add about 3 turns of front preload (on top of the forks), set rear preload between 20 & 24, “harder” on the front, “softest” on the rear, DTC 3, DWC 1 (you can lift the front if needed) , ABS 2 and engine on medium for a start.
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