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Hi there, I am set in my decision to buy a ducati but i'm undecided in which one. I'm a Ducati virgin and i want my first experience to be a good one, so i thought I'd ask the people in the know. I'm still young (22) and I love getting a knee down once in a while but I love long rides too much for a bike that has me laying over the tank all the time. As i'll be buying this bike when i move to england in a few months i figured that an air cooled bike would suit the climate best, and I'm leaning towards a Monster 620ie. Everything I hear about the monsters sounds good and they are such a sexy machine. However, I know from my current bike (Honda CB400) that the wind can make long rides uncomfortable on a naked bike. the cb is also the largest bike i have owned and i want something that feels like it is superglued to the road like my dads BMW R1100RT feels.
So there is my dilema, how do I find a bike that still goes like a superbike that i can tour europe on? Is the monster going to satisfy me?
Any feedback you can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers, Kalon.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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