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Advice needed on EVAP plumbing and tank and breather

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I have a 08 gt1000. I purchased it used and the previous owner had revoved the evap Can but left all the plumbing tied up. What I did this weekend was cut it all off. I left about a half inch of hose and just plugged the hoes with bolts and clamps. I also removed the one hose with the pinch nipple at the tip from the air box but moved the nipple and placed it right back on the airbox. I rode the bike and it it seems to be fine but from reading other posts it seems some of the plumbing needs to not be plugged and needs to breathe,. Can someone break this down for me and explian what needs to be done. I also removed that three way splitter all together. Furthermore, there are two hoses coming off of the tank. I made the mistake of shortening these and just realized that one of them is probably an overfill drain. Can you please explain what the two hoses do? Last question. I want to remove the crank breather nd install a small K & N . Do i need to plug the hole in the airbox> if so are there any tricks to doing this?
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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