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Advice for installing Ohlins damper

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I recently bought a used Ohlins steering damper off eBay for my '98 916, which included the damper and a Harris clamp. I'm trying to use the OEM screws to attach the part, but the screw holding the slider to the frame seems too short, and when I snug the Harris clamp to the triple, it's too tight, preventing it from pivoting.

Do these dampers require/include special screws or other parts that the guy I bought it from might have kept?

Thanks again.

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yes, you'll need a longer screw along with a spacer to mount to the frame to keep it level. i believe mine is mounted to the top hole. i'll check when i get home this evening..

nevermind, i found pic from harris's website to show you which spacer i was talking about. check it out...


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Hi Cheech:

I appreciate the info and effort.


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