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Adirondack Fall Colors!

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Maybe the last long-ish ride of the season - for me anyhoo! As it gets colder and colder, my rides get shorter and shorter, cause I really don't like being cold. Can't hack it. The older I get, the worse that is. I think 20 years in Phoenix has ruined me for winter sports!

Coming from Lowville, took Stillwater/Big Moose to 28, to 30 to Speculator, had lunch at Speculator, then down 8 to 10 and picked up Piseco Road...Wikkid Cool road!

Out at 29A, then followed my nose Northwest towards home. Had a ball getting lost on these little back roads...the sights were just amazing! Military Road seemed to be my theme as I kept running into it. Other roads would wind up as seasonal roads and completely leaf covered, so it looked like no-one had been on them in months...then I'd come out somewhere and go, "Aha!".

I've yet to get on Google maps and figure where I was, but I will and that will be the basis for the next ride.

Great Day!!

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1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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