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Monster 821 Dark 2018
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I keep my settings to max safety on all the modes - traction control and ABS are kept at max levels.
The only changes I allow are the engine power delivery - Low in Urban, Mid in touring, and Max in the Sport mode.

I ride a 2018 Monster 821. Right from 1st service, began to see the real power delivery in both Touring and Sport mode. Given the state of roads in my neck of the woods and ever-changing conditions along with local "wildlife", even on toll highways, lowering the ABS intervention and traction control felt unwise. On a couple of occasions, the bike's T/C lights would show even in 3rd gear with roll-on acceleration with some odd slippage from the Rosso 3 tire.
The tire too was one of the reasons. While an awesome piece of rubber when the conditions are perfect, my riding conditions are less than ideal for a sporty, near track biased tire to handle while the full power of the bike comes into effect. Since no option to track the bike or get any level of beginner or intermediate training on tracks nearby, the best safe option IMO was to keep the safety features at max and not take the chance while on the roads.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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