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Hi all first post here. I currently have a 2005 Monster 620. It's a fine ride and I've put 6K on it in the first year. I don't ride daily but do ride more than one day a week for the most part. Longest ride was 10 hours (with stops) for 300 miles total...I was sore but rode again the next day.

I’m looking for a better sport bike setup because I’m scraping hard parts on the 620. The monster is not my first bike.

Anyone go out for a 10 hour ride?
Crotch just too hot?
Anyone use the adjustable seat/tank (I'm 5"6 but I'm on the balls of my feet both sides when stopped)? But I’m thinking that moving forward a bit will reduce the constant stretch and allow for the stretch when required.

Gonna get a test ride tomorrow before I pull the trigger. I love Ducs!

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