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A Word of Warning! (Again)

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While doing the sprocket changes mentioned in an earlier thread, I had the bike up on a Pit Bull Rear Stand with the Sport Classic Top Mounts attached. Right in the middle of the whole process, I noticed the bike leaning to the right! It was sliding off the stand :eek: ! I was really lucky the wheel was still on the bike, 'cause I would have been in bad shape otherwise. I was able to wrestle the bike back straight up and untangle the stand from the chain and start over, but it sure got my attention! So be careful when lifting your bike from under the swingarm: it looks great, but it's a very poor design from a maintenance standpoint. I ended up getting the bike up on the stand, then "bumping" it forward 'til the stand supports were up against the chain adjuster guide. Even then it could still slide forward over time, but at least you'd have more time to keep an eye on it.
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I just got my top brackets and have the bike up on the stand. You do need to keep it tight against the plates in back and make sure the right side post sits behind the nub of a weld on the outside. Swingarm has a slight depression before curving up but no room to do this without being extra careful. I may chock the front wheel and the pit bull if removing the rear wheel or doing any wrenching. Ordered a sport chock too though I did find grabbing the rails under the front of the seat is the way to hold the bike when raising it with the Pit Bull.

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