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I'm looking to restore my exhaust on my '11 848 evo, it's gross, looks brown, got so hot before it turned the front of the can blue from the heat. The rubber clamps are melted and stuck to the can. I'm looking to completely redo my exhaust. This is what I've got in mind, I'll order a A&R Baffle kit, pull my exhaust, cut the exhaust completely hollow, shorten the cans a few inches and paint the cans with high-temp black, either matte or gloss, and reassemble with the A&R baffles with the stock baffles/cats removed.

So a few questions:
What kind of high-temp black should I use and what how should I go about painting it?
Gloss or Matte paint to match red fairings?
Best way to cut the exhaust to make it a shorty? From the back or front?

Thanks for the help!
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