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The bike decided to cover me with fuel on my trip home so I figured I would patch up the leaky hinge area, teflon tape the leaky giant nut, and make sure everything was connected right
So I already took off the top 2 lines, they are still connected to something on the bike, but these 2 were just hanging free
Common sense tells me that one hose for drainage makes sense, so which one is for drainage and where does the other one go?
I figure that the one with the clip (left) probably is the functional one..

Oh yeah, this is my first post
Got this bike embarassingly cheap
In the past had a zx600, 600 f2, still have a 02 fz1 and a ch150d, so this is my first twin :)
Just gotta seal up the tank and already have a clutch in the mail for it, otherwise mechanically sound
Gotta get the tank's cosmetic issues fixed (maybe) and the seat reupholstered (or find a cheapie somewhere) and its cosmetically sound too

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