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A good deal?

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I am a BRAND NEW rider. I mean brand new as in dont have a bike nor Have I ever riden. I am taking the class in a week or two. I found a 2001 620 Dark for 3K. It has a dent on the left side of the tank from a drop and thats it. It also has 54oo miles on it. I am wondering if this is a good deal. The owner says it needs a tune up aswell. I am very mechanical with cars but have never worked on a bike. My question is would it be dumb to buy this now or should I wait. it seems like the best deal I have found so far.

Any advise would be nice thanks


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Where are you? A friend of mine near Pittsburgh is selling an '02 Monster SIE (750cc) with 2100 miles for not much more than that (I think he wants $4500). This is a sweet bike that has been well maintained.

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