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A exhaust mystery..

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A exhaust mystery..

I bought this bike in Ontario, from a dealer. Dealer claims it’s a "zard" exhaust..
I personally doubt it as far as I can tell it most certainly doesn’t look like one. Unless the made exhaust without the pretty rear "caps" at first.

Let me be honest, I really don’t care that its isn't.
It’s a big ugly can with a single "toast" size opening in the rear, it has 63mm or larger pipes head to can, and is fueled perfectly.
It sounds mean and incredible, not annoying, just low angry growl .
I have no plans as of yet to change it.
Its plan just looks and sounds and performs "down to business" just the way I like things..

But still the mystery is killing me..

Anyone know?

i dont have a photo of the opening.. i will get one tonight if still needed..

but you can aways just turn your toaster on its side and imagine its a single slice model ;)
oh ya
its a 2 - 1 - 2 set up


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Yep...that's a Silmoto. Had one on my 749s. Nice pipe!
do you have any photos?
i cant seem to find any good on using google image search.
i found a couple but ts doesnt have the same .5 mm lip around the toaster opening.. possible mines a earlyier model?

like i said it sounds great, and is fueled bang on, down low and up high, and that single pip is massive..

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Nope, no pics. I had a computer problem and handed the box over to an "expert". He douched the whole thing. Found out later that didn't have to happen...oh well.

How about shooting some pics yourself? You're the one with the pipe! :)
i will tonight,
im at the office at the moment,
hence i cant see the youtube vid..
it may hold the answer already :)

thanks for the info so far.
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