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Well first of all Happy Thanksgiving guys, i hope its a safe and fun one.

In regards to the thread, I bought my 999s with about 7900 miles on it a couple months ago. Now I am at ~10500. I am feeling allot more Chatter i guess you could say at my hands and on my stomach when i am on the tank. I especially seem to notice allot more of this chatter @ around 5krpm in the higher gears.. I dont remember it feeling like this and was wondering if anyone had any ideas... Im guessing it either has to do with my tires (which are still pretty new), my clutch (which seems to be slipping more and more) or my valves? (just a guess..) it almost feels like my engine is running rougher.

Any ideas would be great. Id like to try and getting it running well before any potential breakdown.

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