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999 tyres again (profiles&Stuff)

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Ok Just going to change the pirellis my secondhand bike came with.
I will be buying pilot powers as they were great on my 900ss.
The thinking on the rear seems to be the 180 route, any comments/experience to share?
The power also comes with a 65 profile option for the front.
Any comments on this as well.

PS The tyres will then be taken on a 2500 mile tour of europe to scrub them in :)
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With a quick search, I think you'll find more threads on this topic than you can shake a stick at. But then, you could shake a stick at a lot of threads. Why you would want to shake a stick at these threads is your business. It also sort of depends on how big a stick you are shaking. A small stick, shaken vigorusly (with great vigor) would cover more threads than a large, slow stick, like a branch or what not.

Remember, it's not the size of the stick...

120/70 - 180/55
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