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999 tyres again (profiles&Stuff)

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Ok Just going to change the pirellis my secondhand bike came with.
I will be buying pilot powers as they were great on my 900ss.
The thinking on the rear seems to be the 180 route, any comments/experience to share?
The power also comes with a 65 profile option for the front.
Any comments on this as well.

PS The tyres will then be taken on a 2500 mile tour of europe to scrub them in :)
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900MAN said:
An interesting link? ....NOT... haha
People here try to help. If you feel the need to make ironic comments about the help you get, then no further help will me givven, since all the thanks they get is an ironic comment.

Besides that, LOOK at the READ BEFORE YOU POST thread before posting. Having multiple threads on the same subject is confussing to all of us. Stating openly that you haven´t done a search isn´t a very good answer.

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