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999 Termi Exhaust Color - Suggestions Please

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Hey guys I just picked up a used 57mm Termi full system for my 999 and the color is rough as compared to a bike with only 600 miles...so my first idea was to ceramic coat to a new color...not sure how all black would look...does anybody have a photo or two to share with any colored ceramic coated exhausts? Thank you very much for the help....
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You can have it buffed and it will come up a nice shiny gold that will go matte fairly quickly. I had mine ceramic-coated in hope of it helping the leg-baking issue..... it didn't!
If you find my 999R on here i have had the exhaust ceramic coated in the satin/polished finish and i think it looks wicked and works great as it hasnt melted the fairing again and it doesnt bother my legs.
I had mine coated by Jet-Hot in Sterling Silver, looks like a million bux! Sorry for the large pics :-/

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Thank you for the feedback guys...it looks like silver is the most popular color...still leaning towards black, but have not been able to find any photos as a comparision....Mark
Here's the pipes on my old tricolore if it helps at all


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Artistimo, that is oe sic looking 999 you got there, wouold love to see more pics of that.. From that pic, it looks like you've got a serious aversion to anything silver, chrome and shiny haha.. Looks sweet.
Black it is...thanks for the photo posts guys. :)
Done deal...dropped the exhaust off today...and thank you again OSAYEK for the professional transaction when selling me the exhaust... ;)
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