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999 Suspension Heavy Rider

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wELL i just got back in the states, and nothing beATS A Corona and the superbike pic thread while i'm away from my bike for the next 3 weeks or so.

Anyways my question is... I'm 6'4" 245 lbs, do you guys think I should change the fork springs or rear shock spring out, or is the stock stuff enough to handle the weight? My old Hayabusa's front fork springs were so soft that they were only meant for a 165 lbs rider, not joking. Btw, you guys should have seen me on my lil brother's Derbi GP50,lol.
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To keep it cheap, yes, just replace the springs all around. They're too light for you...or for most really.

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Check you own sag numbers, then you'll know.

I am 6'2 @ 225 lb. I went to 1.05 front springs and a 90Nm rear.

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I had Dan Kyle racing do my spring. Went up 2 levels. The stock one is for a 165 lb person. I havent done the forks as I'm not going to the track anymore.
The rear will cost you about $110.00 + oil change which is another $75.00 or so and recommended.
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