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I had an opportunity to compare two 999's on one of my favourite roads and I came away from that experience very puzzled and scratching my head.

The bikes where an '05 999 Biposto and my '06 999R. Both bikes have full Termignoni exhausts and Michelin Pilot Power tires. I also observed that the steering head was in the same location for both bikes.

I purchased the 999R last summer and have ridden it for approx 2500 miles through North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia (including the Dragon) earlier this spring. I've never ridden a better handling bike, until the recent comparison between my buddies 999 and mine.

I'm not an expert at evaluating bike set-ups so it's difficult to even convey the differences between them, but I liken it to a skier on a groomed run vs a snow border in powder. My friends 999 Biposto carved hard and solidly like the bike was locked in a berm, or a snow board digging in to soft snow. It also dropped into corners better. Like it could square off corners with exact execution.

On the other hand, my 999R tended to feel like it was riding high. Skipping on the surface of a groomed ski run sort of comparison. Solid enough in the corners but not as lock in as the Biposto and the corners felt more sweeping, if that makes sense.

I've gotta think the issue lies in the front set-up, but your opinions and suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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