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I'm a new member, allow me to say hello to everyone. I've wanted a ducati since i was a young boy, and i'm finially in a position to get one. I've had 2 honda 600RRs, the last one stolen. I love the look and feel of the 999, and now i'm shopping around for one. I would like some advice in the purchase experience, some things too look out for, and if anyone knows where i could pick one up. I do have budget constraints... so the cheaper the better. I am wary of a crashed bike, and i've seen a few on ebay already that have obviously been crashed.
I'm looking for a 2003 (or 04 if the price is right) 999, i need a bike with a passenger seat... i'm pretty sure my girlfriend would up and leave if i brought a single seat bike home.
I'm a professional mechanic (avation) and i'm experienced in piston engines, so a higher mileage bike doesn't scare me off.
so, what do you all think?

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Check out the classifieds, there are normaly some bikes there.

But be advised.. since most off the people here are Ducatista Fanatics, most off the m will be in very good order, so you pay for a nice bike.

And WELCOME! The 999 is a great bike and from what I´ve seen -03´s and -04´s can be had for not that much $$$.

Be sure to get yourself both a Haynes and a factory manual if your planning to do your own work. One thing you will find is that these bikes are alot easier to takeapart then some of the Japanese I4 bikes I´ve seen. Somehow Ducati thought about the poor service tech aswell as the rider.

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