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Recently my '03 999 (13K miles) monoposto's rear exhaust hanger snapped off the subframe welds. Poor factory design and execution: about 1/16" inch welds on bracket and 1/4" inch welds to subframe. For streets in my area, attaching the rear part of the exhaust to the subframe with this setup was asking way too much.

Since I've been helped by forum members in the past, I thought I'd post a resource for those of you in need.

Kris Wilkins at KCR Welding, Inc. in Oklahoma City, OK, [email protected], 405-619-0068, fabricated/designed a very nice, hopefully permanent fix, assembly out of SS plate and metric fasteners. High quality heat resistant Viton insulating washers and pad (below plate in contact with subframe) are also used for heat resistance and vibration damping. He said he'd be happy to sell the assembly to forum members. I do not know what he'll charge since I've already paid for all costs associated with design and mock-up. He's a nice sharp guy and could probably get the assembly out-the-door in a few days. The new design is much stronger and spreads the exhaust's weight across a larger part of the subframe. The original hanger to exhaust attachament bolt (with new grommet) is still used.

Pictures are attached.




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