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999 died while out for a ride

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The girlfriend just got plates for her first bike (learner CM200) and was feeling the urge to go for a ride. So we saddled up with myself on an 03 999 BIP. We rode about 50 miles or so and my bike started sputtering. i glanced down at the guage and the check engine light was flashing. I tried rolling on the gas a little to find out I had no power on tap. pulled the clutch in and the bike stalled. after coasting to the side of the road I had no luck starting it :confused:

We rode two-up back to my house on her CM200 (which is an experience everyone should have!) and picked up the bike on a trailer.

When i put the key in the fuel pump primes and all the guages do the normal routine with the exception of the engine light staying on. There are no numbers being displayed on teh screen. The bike will start now, with the engine light on. I didn't take it for a spin, but something sounds wrong - and she feels really rough - then again she is in an enclosed trailer which echos. Both outlets on the 1/2 termi seem to be firing.

Any ideas on what to do? the nearest Ducati dealership is hours away :(
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