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999 cat heat

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Feel free to make jokes about the title. Considering buying a bone stock 2003 999. I know the 05s were better quality-wise, but the price is right, and I'm pretty adept at Desmos. First underseat exhaust experience, however, and the reviews I've read talk about toasted buns from the exhaust. Considering the cat converter pumps out a huge amount of heat...

1. Would the cat-delete link pipes offered address this issue?

2. Can any link pipe work with the stock muffler, or do ALL require the use of an aftermarket muffler from the same manufacturer? And, I assume, some EFI tweaking (as in a PC111) to address a lean condition?

I like the idea of stock noise leves without the heat... perhaps I can't have my cake/cat and eat it too....

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You'll have two catalytic converters to contend with. One in the mid-pipe down under the back of the engine, and the other is in the mufler assembly under the seat. Getting rid of them both while keeping it quiet? I dont see that happening as no aftermarket mufflers are quiet, and it'd take an act of congress to get the converter out of the stock muffler and keep it quiet at the same time. As far as mid-pipes that work with the stock muffler.. I really dont know if any are available that do. It would be a semi-pointless product to make because you'd eliminate the cat off of the horizontal cylinder, but you'd still have a cat on the vertical... ya see what I'm saying? but yes, Changing the exhaust over to an aftermarket setup.. half or full system will reduce the heat on the hiney.
With my 2003 999R Ducati supplied a non cat pipe from the front/horizontal cylinder and a non cat silencer which is just as quiet as the original street system.

I've had the whole thing coated by Jet Hot thermal coatings. Any under seat exhaust is hot, but without the cat it is much better.

I only use my 999 as a track bike with a full 57mm race system now. I still have that whole non cat system if you were interested I'd be willing to sell it.
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