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Hi team,

I bought a Ducati 999 2004 just a month ago. It is an absolute thrill and joy to ride; but the starting up problems are upsetting.

After a week of actively riding the bike it stalled at a traffic light then would simply not start again.
Replacing the starter solenoid fixed the problem temporarily.
Replaced the YT12B-4 battery with a new one. This made no difference. Voltage and charging seems fine.
Cleaned all connection points and plugs with Electronic Spray. This fixed the problem temporarily.
Two weeks later upon starting - the engine pump primes, the voltage is fine, the solenoid makes it's clicking sound but there is zero response from the starter motor. The bike now has to be push-started to get the engine going :|

Only noticed now that when the mechanic replaced the solenoid - the cable running from the solenoid to the starter motor was not placed correct behind the battery, hence burnt a little and short-circuited on the exhaust-pipe. I don't think this would break the starter motor?

Potential causes I've not ruled out:
Faulty TPS.
Faulty starter circuit amps.
Faulty kick-stand safety switch.
Faulty starter.
Faulty internal gas-tank fuel pump wiring.

It just seems a mission to DIY remove and check the starter motor.

Is is best to run diagnostics software on the error?

I am super grateful for any constructive insights into what the problem may be.


Had the same thing going on with my 996 SPS '99 recently;
after a 7000 km (!) motorvacation through France and mainly Spain these same symptoms occurred on my bike.
Back home i did the researche and dismantled the starter.......;
the oilseal had gone bad and there was a lot of oil inside the starter; also the carbon brushes were shot, but that is not
unusual in a 20-year old bike i think.
So i ordered a starter kit brush holder set in the U.K. and replaced everything inside including the bearings.
The armature was just fine after cleaning and polishing the collector.
Everything is back to perfect again............
Cheers, Peter
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