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998 with Full Carbon Fiber Body?

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Do you think a 998 with ALL carbon fiber bodywork and tank would look nice? Or would it look better with it painted the ducati red but let it show the carbo accents??
I was thinking of going ALL carbon fiber on the body work. Opinions Please!!
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So would I be better off to get shark skinz and get a nice paint job? Rather then carbon all over?
do you have a bigger, more detailed picture? All carbon looks kinda boring now that I see it
vtwin said:
Well, at least it would be helluva lot cheaper! and you wouldn't be kicking yourself that much after a lowside on the track?

Here's a pic of a duc with a lot of carbon.
Now that I see it in full detail. Is that for sale? :D
vtwin said:
Sorry, I only have the same, in bigger res..

I also think it kinda says nothing.. maybe the chassis should be red or something?

/edit: where's the pic?? *damn* edit2: there, how's that?
Link? Also, how much are they asking?

LuvDog said:
There's a 9xx all carbon fiber sitting at BCM for sale.

All body work, tank, wheels, Ohlins suspension yadda yadda yadda.

I'd rather have it mostly red or race replica paint with just a few spots of CF showing.

The bike that they have is hot, in it's own way... and it's got all the trick bits. I'm sure it shaves a TON of weight too.
thats what I was thinking too for the tail section and front fairing
ECTurboGSX said:
I would buy the carbon bodywork and paint it but leave the number plates in bare carbon.
1 - 7 of 44 Posts
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