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998 with Full Carbon Fiber Body?

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Do you think a 998 with ALL carbon fiber bodywork and tank would look nice? Or would it look better with it painted the ducati red but let it show the carbo accents??
I was thinking of going ALL carbon fiber on the body work. Opinions Please!!
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i myself fought with this question. and after looking at countless pics, i think the cf stuff looks great painted over with just some of it showing through. some cf air runners and airbox, the heel plates, swingarm guard, etc., all look good. but take that bike in the pic for example, its got cf everything and a steel tank, they couldnt even manage to paint the underside gray. too much in my opinion. my vote is to paint it like the corsa stuff. leaving it for the number boards like the one guy said would be killer too.
1 - 1 of 44 Posts
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