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I have an 02 998 with very tired lower quarter fairings on both sides. The left and right top pieces are fine but both lower sides are in need of repair showing large cracks and need replacing.

I am wondering if I get the OEM parts and just replace the lower quarters or considering upgrading to carbon.

For the carbon I have been looking online and seems the only real way to go for carbon is by using the 998R single sider panels plus bellypan.

I am happy to do this but just wondering if this will be straight bolt on replacement, obv the bigger sump on the 998R which my standard 02 998 won't have but are there any other attachment points I should know off? I had a 996 sps about 10 years ago and that had the belly pan + single side pieces (not sure if that's standard on the sps) but cant remember if any extra anchor points or if the the belly pan just fixes to the side panels and is 'floating'.

thanks for the help on all my newb questions.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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