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998 Power Commander III

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Anyone have any experience with setting up a Power Commander III
on 998's?
Any idea what map from Dynojet Site would suit the following for an Australian Bike?

I have put on a set of 45mm Titanium Termi's and installed the ECU which came with the cans.
Next up I installed a set of BMC (Cotton-oil) filters in the airbox to give better airflow with the idea of a Powercommander to help out.

Will eventually get it on the dyno for a cutom map but for the time being it would be nice to experiment.
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I´d go with the 711-502 map and replace your DP ecu with stock ECU and run it from there. Having both a PC and a DP ECU isn´t really necessary, since they essentially do the same thing (until you get it dyno´d).

Once you get it on a dyno, try both ECU´s with stock setting on the PC to find out which is better.

If your in Australia, I´d give Brad Black over at Moto-One a call. This guy definatly knows a thing or two about tuning Ducati´s. (03) 9568 0100
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