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998 Over Heat ???

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I have a problem with the temp at idle.

A little backround first. I added a 50mm arrow half system which was for a 996 so I had no ecu. The bike seemed to run rich after adding the exhaust. So I searched e-bay and was able to buy a new DP chip frrom a ducati dealer for a 45mm exhaust. I also removed the air restrictors at the time. Now the bike reaches temps aproaching 210 at stop lights and during warm ups, It may even get hotter if I left it sitting. Once I get going it quickly comes down to the half way point (180). Prior to added the chip and removing the restrictors all seemed fine with the exception of it running rich. Oh ya the bike still runs rich and the exhaust still girgles on deceleration. Also it sounds like its bogging a low rpms in first. It didn't have these issues before.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks
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It's probably running WAY lean instead of what you think it is running as rich. Popping and backfiring during decelleration is usually due to a Lean condition. Running lean will produce a much higher temperature in the combustion chamber, requiring the cooling system to work harder to keep the engine in it's optimal operating heat range. Try PM'ing Section8, and asking them if they can get you the correct chip for this application.
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