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996SPS (1999) Yes or No

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Hi everyone,

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 Ducati 996SPS with 5,000Km on the bike with a lot accessories (Slipper Clutch, New Radial Mount Forks & 4 Pot Gold series Brembo, Dymag Carbon wheels, Evolution Front Faring, & list goes on and on...etc) as can partially be seen on the pictures.

As bikes prices varies by country to country, my best analogy is that the seller is asking the price equivalent to a used 2006 Ducati Paul Smart.

1.) What do you guys think re the deal (Pice about right, too high, too low)

2.) I want to have 1 bike of the Tamburini design...not sure this is a good choice or I should hold off for a 998S, or 998R?

3.) Any particular concern over this 996SPS, anything to watch out?, etc...

Please excuse my ignorance & any perceived silly question this may seem to be...I'm totally torn & cant decide whether to proceed or not & would like your inputs as a sounding board.


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in australia a nice clean one (with all stock parts and nice paint and re-furbed carbon) ) seem to go for around 19-22K ...i have one... its the best thing i have even had..i FN love it....the rawness, the Tq .. the drive , the funny car noise!! the fast reving mtr.. whahahahahah i love it.....sorry got carried away

Qoute that, its just not possible to translate until youve tried one, I remember so very well first time I drove mine and heard the whisteling that occurs at 5,5k, is that music or what! Hard induction sound combined with that whisteling...
That was coming from a 748, I still have the films when I shit my pants flogging the sps :D

And the mental feeling, rolled on and my body moved backwards in the seat, priceless, a new drug...where do I sign? (obviously into the evergrasping italian godess duh!)

To mention BMC they used to have a writeup (was taken away 2006 or so) about a spiced up sps, whish I saved the text but it was very well written and the writer said the hit at 6k was like being hit by a snow shuffel, very describing :) Maybe its just funny to me as Im used to a snow shuffel :) Its a good smack I tell you!
With all the respect of KE, its the same primary but a close ratio box, 6th on a CR box is same as 5th on a normal.
Why the SPS feels the way it does, I dont know, but Nines description is spot on, 996R feels flat(-ish) while SPS is beasty yet controllable.
When you put the cams in its of utmost importance to have them timed. There is another thread about adjustable wheels, woodrufs are as hot as a thick TV nowdays...

SPS' are typically good timing wise for stock spec(119/107), but 109/109 is the best Ive found, huge difference in response and midrange between the two (I did a lot of playing around with various timing on mine), 114 to 109 in second gear is like 'No wheelie' versus 'I rather wheelie', imagine 119 then...lemon :(

The SPS feeling is found in each gear separately so its not the gearbox that does it, imo.
Sound and delivery is my bet.
Your welcome!

Ducv2, the cam timing is different on yours, if the first peak is lower than the second your more towards 115 intake, 111 will even them out and 109 will make the first one slightly higher, but still keep the second good enough :)
Im good friend with chris.
Well it was possibly over his head too without being an asshole myself :)
It just seems weird to clock the cams to saudi oclock but its what works the best, both dyno and rider experience says the same, it just smacks at that timing.
So you have a new experience coming up :) Hello mid!
1 - 5 of 65 Posts
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