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996SPS (1999) Yes or No

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Hi everyone,

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 Ducati 996SPS with 5,000Km on the bike with a lot accessories (Slipper Clutch, New Radial Mount Forks & 4 Pot Gold series Brembo, Dymag Carbon wheels, Evolution Front Faring, & list goes on and on...etc) as can partially be seen on the pictures.

As bikes prices varies by country to country, my best analogy is that the seller is asking the price equivalent to a used 2006 Ducati Paul Smart.

1.) What do you guys think re the deal (Pice about right, too high, too low)

2.) I want to have 1 bike of the Tamburini design...not sure this is a good choice or I should hold off for a 998S, or 998R?

3.) Any particular concern over this 996SPS, anything to watch out?, etc...

Please excuse my ignorance & any perceived silly question this may seem to be...I'm totally torn & cant decide whether to proceed or not & would like your inputs as a sounding board.


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The seat is pretty ugly and the front fairing is an abomination, but those are easily fixed. If it's a legit SPS (lots of fakes out there), then it just comes down to price. Go for it.
1.) Only thing is most stock items are long gone, re front faring would it be fair to say its basically standard 996? (To find a replacement i mean)

2.) What would theses bikes retail in your respected countries?

Thanks again for the help!
Yes, front fairing is the same as the regular model.

Mostly $10k-11k in nice shape.
Bronze frame on an SPS? I thought they were all grey
No, it's right.
That Evolution is just hideous. Of all the bikes to revamp the cosmetics for. Why choose arguably the best looking bike of all time? It's like a karaoke singer trying to cover Freddie Mercury.
Ed, I'm with you. It's funny--on September 14th, in a thread about 996R's holding their value, I wrote the following:

I chose to keep the 996R over the SPS's. There's no other bike I'd rather have, but I'll tell you first hand: If you were to cover up the speedometers and just ride them back to back, or if there were no dynographs to tell you otherwise, you would swear from the sound and the "feel" that the SPS was faster. It just has a more raucous quality. It's animalistic.
Is slotting in a 748 tranny in my 996 along with the SPS cams a recommended step for more of that SPS feel or character?
I realize this is veering a bit from the original post, but people were talking SPS character, I was planning on posting a thread about CR boxes....
When I drop the SPS cams in my track bike I'll be able to make a comparison, but there probably won't be any riding until Spring. Close ratio box may be nice, but an SPS powerband is anything but peaky. I don't think wider ratios are going to hurt or change things that much as long as the final drive ratio is adjusted accordingly. Numbers are irrelevant, but look at the shape of this curve, noting the torque above 70 between 6500 and 9000 RPM:

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Stripped 996SPS with yours truly...thanks again for the inputs!

Quick question

I will have the front forks serviced (seals and oil) would it be necessary for the Dampers & Rear shocks as well?
Yes. While you're at it, you may want to do the upgraded piston kit for the steering damper.

Thanks Adam will check it out & request this then.

Prophet, The pirelli supercorsa sp are nice aren't they I have them on my 999R as well.
You're welcome and congrats. I like the wheels. Pick up a black seat (easy) and a nice stock upper and you'll be good to go!

Went back to the Supercorsas myself (sc1 & sc 2 instead of sp) and I'm excited about it.
Terrific. Where did you find a front fairing? I didn't see any in prime condition on eBay.
Yes, but that nose on the first page was an atrocity.

And I do think the 5 spoke Dymags are a nice looking wheel.
All done....leaving the center now...

Only thing left to do now is lose the frame plugs and go back to the brass torx and zinc plated dzus instead of the tacky gold hardware.
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