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996SPS (1999) Yes or No

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Hi everyone,

I have an opportunity to purchase a 1999 Ducati 996SPS with 5,000Km on the bike with a lot accessories (Slipper Clutch, New Radial Mount Forks & 4 Pot Gold series Brembo, Dymag Carbon wheels, Evolution Front Faring, & list goes on and on...etc) as can partially be seen on the pictures.

As bikes prices varies by country to country, my best analogy is that the seller is asking the price equivalent to a used 2006 Ducati Paul Smart.

1.) What do you guys think re the deal (Pice about right, too high, too low)

2.) I want to have 1 bike of the Tamburini design...not sure this is a good choice or I should hold off for a 998S, or 998R?

3.) Any particular concern over this 996SPS, anything to watch out?, etc...

Please excuse my ignorance & any perceived silly question this may seem to be...I'm totally torn & cant decide whether to proceed or not & would like your inputs as a sounding board.


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In France, a 996SPS is between 9000 and 12000 euros.
This bike is a good deal : Ohlins FG43 with radial bottom (1999 996SPS has Showa), Dymag wheels, STM etc ...

The front fairing is part of the Carbon dream Evoluzione kit : very hard to find it ! but you can find a stock front fairing.

Yups its a legit SPS, (Checked the VIN as well)

1.) Only thing is most stock items are long gone, re front faring would it be fair to say its basically standard 996? (To find a replacement i mean)

2.) What would theses bikes retail in your respected countries?

Thanks again for the help!
The frame of all 996 were grey after 2000 ... before, it was bronze (748-916-996).

the 998 (2001-2002) frame was grey.

Bronze frame on an SPS? I thought they were all grey
yes : Carbon dream did also a kit for MHE900.
The complete kit for the 998 is fairings, seat, tank, front fairing etc ...

I'd prefer a 996SPS "original" with red fairing.

Many thanks Dominique!

Seller was telling me this is a rare front nose from Evolution something....now that i got your info that its the same carbon dream that did the MH900E it all makes sense now....many thanks again!

Many thanks everyone for your kind inputs.......

Will certainly update if I can agree on a reasonable price with the seller...this would certainly be a good pair with my 999R Xerox.


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Plus 1...
The carbon dream carbon kit "Evoluzione" for 998 looks good ... except the front fairing which is "special" !
In Europe, the SPS engine come with Titanium internal parts, specific cams, gearing rate. The SPS engine is different that the standart 996.

Could you expand a bit on what you mean when you say part of the SPS character comes from it's tranny and primary gearing? I'm wondering from the perspective vis a vis standard 996 tranny and gearing
I have sold my 916SPS and I have only my 998R : the last and the ultime Tambourini series "chef d'oeuvre" ...
I have the same Dymag wheels on my 998R.

All done....leaving the center now...

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