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996 single injector mod?

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I just bought a 1999 996 biposto about a month ago. Honestly I was a little stupidly overexcited and long story short I should have taken a better look at the condition it was in. It has a lot of problems which I am currently working my way through.

One question though. It apparently has the "single injector mod". How do I know if the chip in there is in fact this new version? Is it just an eprom map or something more complicated? Also, it has a power commander III. How will this effect the running of the bike on only 2 injectors instead of 4?

I did some searches but didn't come up with anything specific on this mod other than the fact that it requires a new chip and the disconnection of the two injectors. But some places say it's the inside two and some the outside. which is it? Does any one have some comprehensive info on this modification or some handy URL on it?

Thanks for any advice/help/pointers etc!

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I have had the UM222 single injector mod for the past 12,000 miles. I love it and would not trade it for anything. :D

I've tried one of the FBF chips and the UM196... I personally like the UM222 chip the best.

My chip has a label on the top that reads "UltiMap UM222 996 Biposto 2000/Single inj.".

I was told that I could uplug any 2 injectors. I am not sure which 2 I unpluged.

Sorry I don't have anything comprehensive, just good ole trial and error working for me.

Hope this helps some...
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