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996 shifting problem

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So I just replaced my clutch on my 996. I got on to ride it got into 1st gear just fine and when I tried shifting up to 2nd it popped into neutral. So I shifted back down into 1st and it clicked right in. I rode the bike back home in 1st and then tried shifting gears while the bike was sitting at idle. I noticed it can shift into 2nd and 3rd but it just doesnt feel right. I opened up the alternator side crank case cover and tried moving the gear selector fork up and down. It seems that it doesnt fully click up into gear and I'm not sure why. Could it be that my gear selector fork is misaligned or do I have to dig deeper into the actual gear box?
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So I assume this is new behavoir since the clutch work ? Are you aware there is a measurement for the thickness of the clutch stack that must be correct ? This is the equivalent of a clutch adjustment on other bikes. The correct thickness of the stack of clutch plates is how you end up with the correct clearance between the clutch and pressure plate. A new set of plates is sometimes too thick or thin so if the pack isn’t the correct thickness you may have to swap in used plates of other thicknesses to end up with the correct pressure plate clearance. Without that, you have shifting problems.
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