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996 rectifier

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A couple of months ago I nearly had a fire due possibly to a faulty starter solenoid.Anyway as a result I have replaced a number of parts including the rectifier which seems to have been destroyed when the wiring around the battery overheated and melted.
The new rectifier arrived today from Riders Ducati at Bridgewater but it doesnt have the same wiring configuration.The alternator on my 99 model is 3 phase with 3 yellow wires but the new rectifier only has 2 yellow wires going in.
Riders say that is the only rectifier you can buy for the 996 now but couldnt shed any light on where I go from here.The rectifier I have taken off is 3 yellows going in so I am now stumped.
Anyone with experience of this little teaser please give me a clue??
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Yes, it should be 3 yellow and when Tye mentioned upgrade, unless the newer 996 doesn't have it, upgrade to 10G the wire from the connector just above the rectifyer all the way though the motor to the left side of the bike. Follow the wire and replace it. The splice should be made just outside the left side casing where the generator/stator is located inside. I considered going all the way to the stator, but found out I didn't need to and besides it would have required removing the engine casing and messing with the wiring on the inside.

What year 996 do you have? Are you sure the fire was started by a shorted solenoid and not the typical electrical gremlin found on many earlier 916 models? What symptoms if any did you have prior to the fire? In any case, what your doing is the correct path.
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