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I went to take my 996 out for a ide, The battery as flat and it was turning over too slowly and would not start. I charged the battery and the bike started and on the sidestand (bypassed obviously) fuel was leaking heavily (could not trace the source at the time but some was visible running over the fram under the tank and it was dripping heavily from the bottom of the fairing. I hosed the bike down and put it back in the garage as I had to leave. A few hours later, I removed the seat and lifted the tank to find the leak and all was dry. Ignition on, fuel pump pumping no leaks anywhere and sttarted bike and no leaks. Rode it for a mile or no and not a drop. A hoses were repalced earlier this year and all connections are secure and leak free. Did the fuel possibly come out of the overflow hoses? I am stumped, as there was a significant amount of fuel leaking and why did it stop?

1999 996
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