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Finally put my 996 back together after dropping the engine because of bad tranny gear. Since it was out decided to get the frame painted.

Now that the engine is back in it is idling at 2k rpms. The fast idle does not seem to do anything either.

Since the engine was apart I did have them degree the cams besides having Mr. Martins collets installed.

Does anyone have any experience with Fuel Injection Tune? (Rhetorical question.)

How complex is it? How long does it take, mechanic and then me?

Thanks for the info.

I picked up another Italian and didn't expect her to have any issues with her American heart and legs. How foolish. The American parts have been problematic, trans, brakes, air, but the Italian seem to be quite impressive. This delayed my finishing up my 996. The voluptuous Italian I added to the garage is a metallic blue, supercharged '99 LaForza out of Sacramento. Luxury and truck are two words that can be used together to describe this vehicle. It is built on an Iveco truck chassis that is shortened for better handling while the interior has plush Italian leather and alcantra everywhere. Who would have thought that the people known for sleek were decades ahead of the luxury SUV market with the Lamborghini LM and the LaForza. Check out Fornasari if you like unique and powerful SUV's.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts